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Stage IV Pressure Sore

Fred was an incomplete quadriplegic as a result of an old automobile accident. Despite this, he was able to perform a wide range of activities, including driving. He held a full-time job.

He was hospitalized for a hematoma and, following his hospitalization, went to a local facility for further treatment and convalescence.

Because of his quadriplegia, he needed assistance with bowel care. However, he was frequently left lying in feces. The pressure reducing surfaces provided to him repeatedly failed, resulting in him lying on hard surfaces for extended periods. He was eventually placed on a regular hospital bed, despite his known need for continuous pressure relief.

As a result, Fred developed a Stage IV pressure sore on his coccyx. Stage IV pressure sores extend into muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage, or even bone. Fred’s pressure sore had a strong odor and a lotanothertory forll of drainage. Nevertheless, the facility sent him home.

Despite the best efforts of home health nurses, Fred’s Stage IV pressure sore never resolved. He was never able to resume most of his previous activities, and he was depressed, anxious, and had panic attacks. The pressure sore contributed to his death.

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