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Preventing Falls And Injuries In Nursing Homes

Injuries resulting from falls in nursing homes are common. Many falls are preventable.

Here are some things nursing homes can do to reduce the risk of falls and severity of injuries:

  • Thorough fall risk assessment, care planning and follow-up.
  • Bed and chair alarms to alert staff to efforts to get out of bed or chair.
  • Special cushions to reduce risk of falls from bed or chair.
  • Placing call buttons within easy reach and prompt response to calls.
  • Bed rails as ordered by a physician and as permitted by the nursing home.
  • Placement of beds in their lowest position.
  • Placement of the resident’s bed against a wall.
  • Use of padded floor mats to cushion falls.
  • Careful and consistent monitoring of residents’ whereabouts.
  • Placing high risk residents near a nurse’s station to enable close observation.
  • Making sure floors are clear of obstacles and spills.
  • Prompt and frequent assistance with toileting and other activities of daily living.
  • Use of non-slip socks or other footwear.
  • A good activity program.

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