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Deformity of Hand and Wrist

Bea had a busy and active retirement. She went quad riding, traveled in her motorhome, and loved fishing. She was able to take care of all of her own needs. She broke her left arm. It was surgically repaired and she was provided with a splint.

She was transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation with orders to remove the splint, clean her arm, and then re-apply the splint. What should have been short rehabilitation turned into a long and painful ordeal.

The nursing home falsely charted “care” it supposedly provided to Bea, missed multiple treatments and improperly re-applied the splint, causing severe pressure to her arm, wrist, and hand. In response to her complaints of greatly increased pain, the nursing home basically told Bea to just get used to it. The nursing home delayed notification to her physician for several days.

When she was eventually taken to her surgeon’s office, he removed the splint and discovered necrosis (tissue death), deformity of her hand and wrist, and loss of function and sensation. She had to undergo several surgeries to repair the damage caused by the nursing home. Even after the surgeries, her left hand remained unattractive, she had almost no function in her little finger and limited function in the rest of her hand. This resulted in drastic and permanent changes to her lifestyle. She could no longer ride her quad, travel in her motorhome, or go fishing. There were numerous other activities she could no longer engage in without caregiver assistance.

Bea retained the Law Office of David M. Jamieson. Her case was resolved to her satisfaction.

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