Case Stories

Deformity of Hand and Wrist

Bea had a busy and active retirement. She went quad riding, traveled in her motorhome and loved fishing. She was able to take care of all of her own needs. She broke her left arm. It was surgically repaired and she was provided with a splint.

She was transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation with orders to remove the splint, clean her arm, and then re-apply the splint. What should have been short rehabilitation turned in to a long and painful ordeal.

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Dementia Patient Escaped Facility And Hit By Truck

The nursing home provided her with “no care of her foot at all.” The “bandage change was quite an event in the office with terribly
smelling and horrible wholly wounded foot revealed from the bandage change.” Her foot was necrotic, and her toe had exposed bone. Most shockingly, there were “maggots in wound.”

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Negligent Wound Treatment

Rick was admitted to a hospital for surgery and then readmitted when he developed surgical complications. During this second hospitalization, he developed a Stage III pressure sore which he still had when he was discharged. He was seen by a wound clinic and then admitted to another hospital for debridement of the wound.

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Stage IV Pressure Sore

Fred was an incomplete quadriplegic as a result of an old automobile accident. Despite this, he was able to perform a wide range of activities, including driving. He held a full-time job…

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Misappropriated Funds

The facility’s administrator intercepted checks and monthly statements that came to the facility, took possession of his checkbook, made herself a signatory on the account and obtained an ATM card linked to the account.

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Malnourished and Dehydrated

Because of the nursing home’s failure to keep her clean and dry and provide pressure relief, she developed an infected bedsore on her coccyx. She developed a Pseudomonas urinary tract infection.

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