Fact Or Fiction? Reading Nursing Home Charts

If you are a nursing home resident, have an appropriate power of attorney, have the resident’s consent, or are the resident’s “personal representative,” you are entitled to inspect the resident’s “patient records.” The nursing home must permit “this inspection during business hours within five working days after receipt of the request.”

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The Sound You Hear Is The Courthouse Door Closing

When you are being admitted to a nursing home, you will be asked to sign a lot of papers. Some are necessary for admission. For example, you must sign a “Standard Admission Agreement.” This agreement is mandated by the State and may not be altered by the nursing home.

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Care Facility Admission Checklist

Admission to a nursing home or residential care facility is difficult and stressful, both for the person being admitted and for families. Before you or your loved one is admitted, it is important to learn as much as possible about the nursing home or residential care facility. Here’s a checklist to help you through the process.

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